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Home to Pete Harrison and Connor Dickson, Yellowbird Studio offers songwriters, producers and bands the ideal space to realise their creative projects, whether it is recording tracks from scratch, mixing, or adding warm, analogue tones to home recordings. 

With our versatile hybrid system, the studio offers recording sessions that employ the benefits of both analog and digital recording processes, as well as use of some of the industry’s best and most sought after microphones. 

If you are sending tracks to be mixed, Yellowbird’s work flow utilises the expedience of digital audio production whilst processing stems through a selection of coveted outboard gear, finally summing your tracks through a Soundcraft 200b summing mixer. 

Put simply, this studio is tailored to ensure that bands and songwriters have the opportunity to record and mix using high end professional equipment without the cost. 

Whether you’re a producer who needs to create on the move or a band looking for an immersive recording environment, Yellowbird Studio has everything you need to realise your creative potential. 

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